Host exciting customer giveaways.
Unlock new marketing opportunities.

Increase repeat sales

Maximize customer value by earning more profit from your existing audience. Never miss an upsell opportunity.

Host giveaways

Acquire email addresses, phone numbers and Instagram followers. Expand your marketing potential through new channels.

Amplify your profits

Engage your customers like never before via email, text and social media marketing - watch your business skyrocket!

Your Product Bundle

You get these 3 smart tools designed to
help your business thrive.

SMS Surge

Customers enter sweepstakes with a text message.
You engage your buyers through SMS.

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Insta Surge

Customers interact with you on Instagram.
You grow your online presence and following.

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SMS Surge

Build SMS subscriber lists.

Create a personalized sweepstakes landing page where customers participate by entering their phone number or sending you a text.

  • Branded sweepstakes entry forms
  • Market to your customers via text messages
  • Export phone numbers into a CSV file
  • System automatically selects and notifies winners

Insta Surge

Grow Instagram Presence.

Create a personalized sweepstakes landing page where customers participate by engaging with you on Instagram.

  • Branded sweepstakes entry forms
  • Build followers and interact with your customers
  • System automatically selects winners


Create a sweepstakes campaign in minutes

  • Collect customer emails and phone numbers.
  • Reengage customers via text and email marketing.
  • Grow your Instagram presence.
  • Gain loyalty and create repeat business.
  • We manage all the technical stuff.

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